BluSapphire Cyber Defense Platform

Handling cyber Security has been a challenge for organizations over the past two decades. Cyber-attacks have been more sophisticated and stealthier during this timeline. As the IT ecosystem has evolved, the boundary of networks also has increased. This fundamental shift has also increased the threat landscape in the form of malware, APTs, zero-days, and other unknown threats. The cyber-threats today are persistent and operating in multiple vectors such as network layer, system layer, file system layer, in memory, etc.

One would need a new-age approach to combat today's cyber threats. BluSapphire solves the purpose of having to deal with new-age threats. BluSapphire is the only Multi-Vector platform that is designed to address the entire new age cyber threat with advanced cyber defense stack in one platform, combining the power of AI, Machine Learning techniques and Advanced Data Analytics to Detect, Analyze, Respond and Remediate zero-day threats in milliseconds, instead of hours and days. we offer a prevention-focused architecture that is easy to deploy and operate, uses automation to reduce manual effort so your security teams can focus on what matters, and helps you easily adopt innovations.

BluSapphire’s Intelligent Cyber Defense Platform does the heavy lifting for you by detecting threats early, and responding using automation methods without disrupting your normal operations, reducing your operational costs and improving your efficacy.

The key benefits that this engagement will have on the overall business objectives are

  • Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership

  • Reduction in SOC operation Cost

  • Proactive automated response

  • Proven state of the art platform

With these capabilities we are confident that you will find in BluSapphire Platform is future-ready cyber defense platform that can be leveraged to protect against new age threats.

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