Unified Cyber Defense Platform

BluSapphire Solution

Cyber Attackers are getting increasingly organized and sophisticated. Malware is getting more destructive and stealth than ever before. Skill shortage in cybersecurity has further complicated the problem of cyber defense. The scope and scale of these attacks can no longer be handled by traditional defenses such as firewalls, IDS/IPS, email gateways and Anti viruses alone. Machine Learning models, Multi-Vector Detection, Algorithmic science and Automated Threat Response are the need of the hour.

With BluSapphire it is now possible for SOC team analysts to connect the dots, detect and respond to advanced cyber threats that are bypassing traditional defenses, thereby achieve high efficiency improving accuracy and reducing costs.

BluSapphire is Only Unified Cyber Defense Platform with Intelligent Response Automation. BluSapphire is one platform that replaces your entire advanced cyber defense stack. It gets rid of silos by converging network, system, and end point based multi-vector analysis. Built on an Open Data Platform, it readily integrates with existing security tools to deliver comprehensive advanced cyber defense.

Fig 1: BluSapphire Solution

BluSapphire Intelligent Cyber Defense Platform allows you to detect threats accurately in milliseconds instead of days, weeks or months. BluSapphire multi-vector based threat detection that combines multiple Machine Learning models, Binary and Behavior Analysis coupled with Network Behavior, operating across network layer, system layer, file system layer, meta data, in memory to detect threats with an accuracy. Looking at one tool taking care of complete advance cyber defense stack will give very high-fidelity alert to the end user and Looking at multiple vectors will enable low rate false positives.

BluSapphire combining the power of AI, Machine Learning techniques and Advanced Data Analytics to Detect, Analyze, Respond and Remediate cyber threats i.e. zero-day, APTs, Ransomware, internal threats, unknown threats while being proactive in threat hunting. BluSapphire’s Automated Threat Response (ATR), allows you to remotely quarantine, suspend, clean a remote system in an entirely automated way, using a superior agentless response module.

Fig 2: BluSapphire Platform

This unified platform approach has the capability to radically improve the efficiency of Security Operations Center, drastically reducing costs while improving detection capabilities. Majority of the analysis and triage is already pre-done automatically before the analyst event takes a look at a ticket.

We are currently at version 3.0. Please proceed to the release notes to learn more.

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