BluArmour Pre-Deployment Checklist & Roll out Process

This page exclusively supports in capturing Pre-Checks involving BluArmour roll out. A sign off between BluSapphire & Client delivery team a must for release of BluArmour MSI Package.

Stakeholders: Project Manager or Equivalent (BluSapphire & Client)

BluSapphire Project Manager shall refer Client counterpart (or otherwise termed as Client SPOC) in providing the information based on the requirements below.

Post checklist completion by Client counterpart; the checklist shall be validated, risk (if any) shall be discussed and and a sign off is arrived between both the parties.

Post Sign off; BluSapphire project Manager shall initiate BluArmour MSI Package generation and share it with client counterpart for User Acceptance test.

BluArmour Pre-Deployment Checklist:



How will this info help BluSapphire Project Team?



Please list complete set of Windows OS Variants+ Architecture where BluArmour is expected to be deployed

To generate MSI Package supporting all the variants listed


Please list Region (Ex: AMERICAS/ EMEA/ APAC) or Site information (Ex: New York Corporate/ Bengaluru Regional Office/ Production Plant) where the agent will be rolled out

To create Zone segregation around the implementation enabling firm control on Policy implementation and updates


Asset List specific to Region/ Site including Host Names, OS Variant, Is the asset roaming?

Build a track on Inventory and measure roll out success


List of Business Critical applications; Associated executable & launch folder paths

A detailed whitelist policy shall be built ensuring No Critical business critical application stoppage enabling user satisfaction


Provision of User Acceptance Test Environment

Test BluArmour package in the UAT environment before production roll out

BluArmour User Acceptance Test Process:

a) Client SPOC to identify limited set of Test Users from each Department/ Business Units specific to a Region/ Site in deployment of BluArmour deployment

b) Post identification of Test users, BluArmour deployment to be initiated

c) Test of BluArmour shall stay active for 7 working days and if there are any Application/ activity block observed by the users which are essential for Business operations; post risk acceptance; the applications/ activity to be whitelisted utilizing central policy update.

d) Post 7 days, UAT acceptance sign off to be carried out between Client SPOC and Test Users; a copy of the same to be shared with BluSapphire project Manager

BluArmour: Production Roll Out

a) BluArmour MSI package can be deployed in bulk utilizing GPO/ SCCM/ Desktop Central/ A choice of Collaboration tool

b) Documentation specific to deployment of BluArmour utilizing SCCM is part of the site.

BluArmour: Handover to the Client Process

a) Post initiation of Production roll out; user training video shall be shared in updating Whitelisting policies around BluArmour

b) Respective access grants shall be carried out to the users as part of transition

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